Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Mush and Melt

Alright, I admit it, I love puppies. Show me a chubby puppy in any form and I melt. I draw the line at puppy calenders... but just barely. This season the winner for cutest puppy EVER is the Siberian Husky Pup. 

Lyman Orchards, an apple orchard in Middlefield, CT hosted a winter fest this February. I was thrilled to find out there were winter activities here since I absolutely adore going during fall harvest. And guess what?  This year they invited REAL LIVE MUSHING PUPS to put a smile on our chilly little faces. 

There wasn't much snow, but the dogs were ready, ready, ready to run.

...And so were Ashlee and Sarah. Mush girls Mush!!

This one confused me a bit. Lyman Orchard's is an apple orchard... not a dairy. So why the cow mascot? Oh well, Ashlee almost pooped her pants when she saw him. Her exact words were, "WOAH COW!!" And then I was reminded that you don't need relevance to entertain us children. I mean just look at the excitement on Ashlee's face.

Siberian Huskies were not only only attraction at this winter extravaganza. In the next tent over, there was an ice sculpting contest. 

Sad news: Tasting the ice from the other side does not prevent one from being seen. Sad news part 2: The apple still tastes like ice.

We didn't actually stay for the end results, but we did support and document the journey of Poseidon - King of the Sea. I was amazed at this guys ability to convert a block of ice into a masterpiece. He had three hours and was the only sculptor without an assistant. I'd say he did a pre-tty dang good job, wouldn't you?   

Take it away Ashlee... 


  1. I LOVE THAT COW!! I have never been so excited to see a cow before in my life. I LOVE THAT ICE SCULPTOR!! I have never been so excited to see an ice sculpture contest before in my life.
    The cow loved us, the ice man loved us, the dogs loved us. Basically Lyman Orchards loves us.
    Hopefully we are on next years cake :)

    1. Haha oh Ashlee. You are such a religious enthusiast! I love it! We might as well make next year's cake. We already know they would want us on it. In fact, we should get Charla out here! She'd make an even BETTER cake than they would. Yes... I love our ideas :)