Friday, March 2, 2012

Costa Rica 6: Zip Line

Today I'm going to let the pictures do the talking. Here's what you need to know. Rachel and I carried pin-wheels all the way from America for this one activity. We guarded them with our lives. They came on every bus ride, and survived every childs grappy grasp, only to die an unfulfilled pin-wheel life. Why did we bring them, you ask? Because we were inspired by this little piggy.  

Alas, our pin-wheels could not make it, but that didn't stop our fun, or our inspiration. Zip-lining was a pretty darn fun way to see the country-side of Costa Rica. We only got a few pictures, but we got some videos to make up for it. I did my best to live up to my inner piggy. 15 zip lines later, all I can say is, "pure. adrenaline."


And then there were pretty flowers.

See what I mean? Beautiful flowers livin' up to our inner piggies. Doesn't get better than that. It was our last night in La Fortuna so we splurged on Batas and Tres Leches. Yu-uuuum. Rachel's drink kind of looks like Nickelodeon slime. Am I right? 

Tomorrow is my final post for Costa Rica. But I have to say it was by far my favorite part of the trip. Tamarindo, here we come!

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