Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dolls for Haiti

Remember my friend Rachel? Well she and her big heart have moved to Haiti for 6 months to help a country still in despair. Most of her time is spent in orphanages. Did you know that many Haitian parents willingly put their children in orphanages because they can't provide for them? With limited resources, everyone is scraping to get by. And unfortunately these children have little to nothing. So our Relief Society decided to try and help. Rachel had the idea that if the children had dolls to comfort them, then they might not feel so alone. And that is where we come in. 

We are making dolls!

Don't you love bonding over needles and cute fabric? 

We purchased the patterns from this fantastic website. A lamb, a dinosaur, and an adorable squid. Tell me that isn't the best modern family you could ever imagine.

Unfortunately, we are few... and our completed dolls were fewer. 

MVP of the night goes to Sarah. Not only did she finish a squid, but she also wore the cutest and most situation appropriate t-shirt. Gotta get me one of those!

We only had three sewing machines, so those who couldn't sew contributed in others ways. 

And here is the end result!

One lamb, one squid, and one almost dinosaur. I guess we have some more work to do... But worry you not, those children will get those dolls! We have currently enlisted the help of the older, more experienced, and more plentiful stake relief society. We are hoping to have 100 dolls by April. I can't wait to see what the end result will be.

Make sure to check out Rachel's blog. It's full of beautiful insights to the world of Haiti. 


  1. Three things
    1. I absolutely love that picture of Nat and Stephanie
    2. Your outfit looks pretty pin worthy haha
    3. I am dying over that squid! I want one just like it!

    1. Three things in reply:
      1. Come to our next activity and you shall have a squid. And it shall be your squid. And you shall call it "squid."... or whatever you want to call it :)
      2. Ooooo you just made my life :) I'll look into getting a white backdrop and taking pictures of it to post on my bliz-og.
      3. You should tell Natalie that you love that pic, and then you should tell yourself that I absolutely love you! Because I do - do you hear me!?