Friday, August 12, 2011

A Lifetime of Change!

So you may be wondering WHY on earth I haven't posted in a bajillion years. Maaaaybe you haven't, but I tend to be an optimist so we'll go with the first ;)

So the reason I haven't posted is... Dah - da - da - DAH! I moved!

That's right. I moved from my beautiful little country apartment in Newtown,

To the wonderful beachside of Bridgeport!

Above is a place called St. Mary's by the sea and it is about a mile away from my house. I don't have a picture of the house yet, but I am now living with a wonderful woman named Mary Jo (and my rent is a lot less expensive WAHOO). When I get some more pictures I will make sure to post them :)

And! Another big change... I sold the Blackura!

Yes, my 'lil baby blackura is now in the hands of an Italian New Yorker :( But it was a necessary change. He (the car) was just a little too small for me, and since I work with a lot of plants and people, I figure I would need a little more eh-space! So my brother sold me THIS CAR!

What a grand picture, eh? It's almost as good as riding horses on the beach, but WAY more hippie ;) So I have a GPS system (only way to survive in CT!) and her name is Bonnie. I, therefore, decided to name my new Subaru CLYDE! It's so wonderful, they help each other navigate the great North East to enjoy our little shenanigans... and grand escapes!

So there is a little update. But I have much more that has been going on, so I will be back again soon! Next we will take a horticultural tour around NEW YORK CITY! Go crazy people, go crazy.


  1. I definitely have been wondering why you haven't posted in a bajillion years! I love you. I love Bridgepo. I love Mary Jo. I love Clyde.
    p.s. I'm goin crazy!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of changes! I like the new ride :) Congrats!