Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Powerful Art of Stupid Creativity

I listened to the song "Big Man" by Boy & Bear. "If failure don't hurt then failure don't work anymore..." 

I started reading a book called The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton.

I had a conversation with my friend, Dusty, about creating to create and the process of creativity.

I had a morning to ponder to myself what I'm doing with my life, knoweldge, talents, abilities, etc.

I watched a video by John Green. How to Become and Adult 

Then I bummed around on Facebook and Instagram. 

Today, this week, this was part of my creative process. And something came from it.

Sometimes I feel like if I am not doing something "big", "important", or at least "cool" than I am not doing "anything." Flawed logic my friends, flawed, flawed. Flawed!

I have another "issue." All I've ever dreamed of doing is... EVERYTHING. I've often said of myself that I am a specialist in being a generalist, because I think everything that everyone else does is SO COOL. Ok, with the exception of accountants. Although they have some sa-weeet jokes. If only I understood them...

Everyone says to follow your dreams. So today I had a crazy idea. If I've only ever dreamed of doing everything, why don't I "live my dreams" and give it a shot? The idea is easy: Find someone who loves something and does it better than I do and ask them if I can listen to them (para-quoted from the John Green video).  For a couple of hours. For a day. Whatever they want to give me! AND OF COURSE I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR (I felt the need to capitalize and bold that...) I'm not exactly sure where the idea will lead at the moment, and maybe it's "stupid"... but currently I'm super excited.

 I hoping to enlist the help of my friends and learn something cool from them, maaaybe once a week? Next week: Book Binding! Coming soon... welding! Other possibilities: Stand up comedy, photography, jewelry making, glass blowing, ceramics, sculpting, pottery, writing music, DJing etc. etc. etc. And I am SO open to suggestions. Anyone want to teach me their awesome profession or hobby?

Maybe something will stick and become my passion. Maybe not. I actually expecting that I'll probably get addicted to learning. But I will definitely document it. And I as long as I'm following my creative process, then SOMETHING will come out of it. It's like, the law of creativity. Creating creates. 

Wish me luck!


  1. I LOVE that Boy & Bear song too - it's glorious! What a fantastic idea learning from others :) Thank you kindly for your comment on my post - I will certainly check out those books you suggested... and yes, it is nice to know we aren't alone in this wide confusing world. Happy creating!

  2. Oooohhhhh! That sounds like so much fun - drinking deeply from the cup of life! I can't wait for you! I'm on the same road, but my time frame is more along the lines of 'eternity' and not 'this year' ;)
    I can teach you what I know about photography. And Dan can teach you the names of weeds ....because who wouldn't want to know that? Sammy can teach you how to eat rocks and Joey can teach you how to boogie. So, I think we've got you covered!