Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Costa Rica 3: Playa San Juanillo

I think it's time to share a secret. I'm a giant, shameless... nerd. And the next couple of posts will probably prove it. He're the part of our trip where we (or I should probably say I) start to get excited about the crrrraziest things. But what's it to ya? It makes for more interesting blog posts, right?
Here are two videos of our ATV ride to Playa Juanillo near Nosara. Holy moly Costa Rica has a beauuuutiful countryside! We also had our own little "high adventure." We had to traverse a river to make it to this beach. I'm just glad we weren't in a car. Probably wouldn't have had to guts to make it...

And we made it. Playa Juanillo, most definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been to. I felt like I was living in a commercial. And check out all that greenery!

And then there were feet pictures.

Nerd alert part 1: I made Rachel stand in front of this rock while I put the camera in action mode. Hence the perfecto splash picture. Also hence the 400 other pictures of the wave coming, Rachel freaking out, and then standing perfectly poised as she was drenched by awesomeness. I'm particularly fond of the picture below... "Er... is this water sanitary??".

Nerd alert 2: We found a sea urchin hole and I was so excited. I tried to get Rachel to sit in it... but she was afraid of getting stuck - or maybe getting sucked into a third dimension. How cool would that be!? Side note: I actually also got an action shot of a water snail. If I ever get the energy to put all the action shots in a movie, you will see how freaking cool this sea life can be!)

Nerd alert 3: Yep. We snorkeled. There wasn't much to see, but I had a blast floatin' with my lil fishes in the sea. I'm pretty sure we had some special bonding moments. With the fish.

We only had the ATV for 4 hours, so we had to head back while the sun was still high. But it was ok, because we discovered a black sand beach and ate at a cute little "soda." 

This is the bathroom at the Soda. That door states "Bano de Mujer." hehe, waaaay more effective than those silly little pictures of stick girls in the States!

And when we returned the ATV we found this little treat.

Classy boys, reeeeeal classy. But I must confess, we giggled lots anyway.

Even though it was our last night in town, we were pooped. So we decided to watch the sunset (again) and give ourselves some Costa Rican delicacies. TRITS (a juicy ice cream and graham cracker treat) and Pina Coladas (sin alcohol!). 

Had it not been for all the walking and playing we did, those TRITS may have been responsible for a 5 lb ring around my mid-section. Come to think of it, I still may be walking off those suckers. 

But our time was up in Nosara, and again it was time for us to move forward on our trek. So we got our back packs packed and our shoes tied tight... and hoped we wouldn't get in a fight... (reference anyone?) and woke up early (5am) with the Howler Monkeys (um... can I say they are some scary specimen?) to start our journey to La Fortuna. 

Watch out, tomorrow we have a SLOTH ALERT! Get excited people. Get. excited.

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