Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Things I love about my JOB!

I guess fine gardening can be quite a mystery to some people. The question always comes up, "So... what exactly DO you do?" Well folks, I wish I could solve the mystery for you, but apparently it's... like... top secret information shared only among gardner's and hippies. Kind of like Free Masons only "greener."

Ok fine. Here's what I do. I work outside ALL DAY - literally! Come sun, rain or snow or tornado, we go out in all sorts of weather! And while I'm outside I prune trees, dead-head flowers, separate perennials, fertilize, water... and whatever else you can think of. I'm basically a glorified maid for your garden :) But I also get to do cool design work on theside. Only small jobs for now, but eventually I may work my way up.

So while I've been working, I have found some things that make me VERY happy.

#3 My Uniform

I know what you're thinking. Why the heck does she have her uniform here!? One reason...awesomeness!

So here's the skinny, I never have to pick out what I wear for work. I have six other outfits JUST like that! What a steal! Then there is the fact that it gives me the BEST farmers tan in the world! I have a permanent V stamped right below my neck :)

But the best reason of ALL is that it adds to my FINE-ness! I mean wouldn't you feel super hot dressed like that all day!? I mean the shoes alone are worth it all.

Woah just check out this hottie!!


So I have this terribly awesome habit of taking home flowers that we had to cut back and "throw away." I mean seriously!Who could look at those and throw them away!? Only in a man's world.

So I "steal" the flowers and put them on my kitchen table. Those 'lil hush puppies would cost a fortune at the flower store! Men, take note. If you want to save a pretty penny, get into GARDENING.

But really, these make me happy every time I walk in the door. That's worth a little stealing punishment, don't you think??

#1 Le Peeps!

For reals and in all seriousness, I LOVE the people I work with! This is definitely not a comprehensive list, but it was all the people I worked with the day I took these pictures. It's amazing how much you can love people in just a few short months!

Sergio - The lone member of my crew (that's right... we are a crew of two!) He rocks to socks off dead flowers heads!

Abel - The first guy to train me on the job. And the first Nicaraguan I've ever met. Booyah!

Francisco - That's fun to say! AKA - "The Terminator" He walks around like he owns the place.

Adrienne and her partner Pam - Adrienne is my "mentor" and I love her freakin GUTS! She really has helped me out so much in this process. Pam is amazing too! She is from London and does my"goa-jus" hair!

Chris - The level headed one :) I love Chris to pieces! Whenever she comes on a job I know all will be well with my day!

Well folks I hope you enjoyed the (not shorter) post today. I have more to blog about, so I'm sure you'll hear from me soon. But until then eat a big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge! It always does the trick for me!


  1. OH BABY! You are going to have all the men swarming you now that you have posted a picture of you in your uniform! I fully support your flower thievery as one who has benefited from that habit of yours.

    That's fun to say HA I love it!

  2. Why hello!!! I just visited Elise today and she said you started a blog! Welcome to blogland.
    It really is it's own land. And it just gets bigger and more (as someone once said) Bermuda Triangle-y all the time ;). So watch out!
    Congrats on your move to CT! Wow! And welcome to the hard labor side of the green industry. (Although, I know you've done it before.) Ah memories - sweat and farmers tans and dirtyness. My favorite memory is of going to the grocery store after work one day, CAKED in mud, wearing a shaggy pony tail, and running into an old crush. I kept my head down and pretended I didn't see him. :) (Too bad my extreme blushing probably gave me away.)
    Oh and Elise and I used to take the "throw-aways" home too. I always felt SOOO guilty though 'cause we weren't supposed to. I get it. If we take home the bad ones, we might start throwing away good ones just to take them home. But it's hard to just let something die when you know you could nurture it and use it for good!
    ANYwho! Sorry for the longest post in the history of blog comments!
    shoot. one more thing: p.s. I still haven't been paid by that guy for the apartment design. oy.

  3. p.p.s. (Sorry my comments are a little outa control!) I started a design blog and you can see the design I did for that apartment complex:

  4. shoot. here's another one. Will you post your designs?? pretty please? :)

  5. Ha ha! I knew I picked our major for a reason, I am both a gardener and a hippie...mostly a hippie :)
    I'm glad Heidi found your blog, it's too good to not know about! And don't shorten your posts, they are great! I condone your keeping of the flowers. Throwing things away has never been a forte of mine.
    I agree with Heidi, you should post your designs!
    And that uniform, DANG girl! Can you send me a few...and a couple in maternity sizes (for the next pregnancy)? Dan will think I'm so hot! But honestly, sometimes it's kind of nice to not have to wonder what you are going to wear. It's so simple.
    The people you work with look like a lot of fun! I really liked the picture of Francisco :) Working with good people makes a job SO much more fun!

  6. Oh I LOVE you guys!! Thanks for your comments! I will totally post designs when I start doing them... but I just had to decline one because work was getting a little too crazy for me :( But hopefully I will pick some up in the fall. We shall see! But thanks for supporting my BLOG! Love you all!